Non-alcoholic Aperitivo Spritz
Non-alcoholic Aperitivo Spritz
Non-alcoholic Aperitivo Spritz

Non-alcoholic Aperitivo Spritz

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All of the taste, none of the alcohol.

What if you couldn’t tell the difference? A good Italian aperitivo is a maceration of citrus peel and bitter root in alcohol, enhanced by sparkling water. Its bitter and orange flavour stimulates the appetite. That’s why it's the king of apéritifs. So why would removing the alcohol make the experience any less interesting? With that in mind, we created our alcohol-free orange Aperitivo, combining concentrated orange juice and white grape juice with powerful extracts of gentian and mandarin. You won’t believe your taste buds. Use it just like you would its alcoholic version, either as a Spritz, mixed with white wine or our favorite version, blended with tonic.

Size: 700ml

Per serving / cocktail
4g of sugar
25 calories

Ingredients: Demineralised water, sugars (cane syrup, concentrated orange juice, concentrated white grape juice), glycerin, flavourings, natural extracts and distillates, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, tartrazine, sunset yellow and red allura (for coloring), dimethyl dicarbonate.

Made in small batches and bottled by hand in the beautiful city of Quebec, Canada.

A warm orange peel bouquet, with hints of caramel. On the palate, the herbal bitterness of gentian coats the tongue, followed by sweet notes of orange pulp and barley sugar.