Strawberry Clover Club

Recette de cocktail - Monsieur Cocktail - Patrice Plante -  de cocktail avec sirop de fraise, Clover club à la fraise
Ingredients :

1 oz (30 ml) gin (fruity/juniper/spicy)

½ oz (15 ml) strawberry syrup

1/2 oz (15 ml) fresh lemon juice

1 egg white

Strawberry slice (for garnish)

Preparation :

Put all the ingredients in a shaker and mix vigorously.

Open the shaker, add ice and mix again until your fingers become very cold.

Strain through a fine sieve into a chilled cup.

Garnish with fresh raspberries.

About our Strawberry Clover Club

What's better than raspberries? Strawberries, maybe? That's the challenge we set ourselves (some are worse than others, you'll agree) to test how the strawberry and lemon in our Unicorn syrup would react in one of our favorite classics. Well it happens that… it's good in Sainte-Canisse black birch! We thank Maman Plante for the expression as succulent as the cocktail itself!