Our story

In 2015, Patrice Plante had one thing in mind when he founded Monsieur Cocktail: to create a syrup that would bring the cocktail world to your home. Whether as a restaurant critic, as a chef or as a barman, he’s always been driven by a boundless passion for food and drinks, the quality and origin of ingredients, and the art of creating a delicious dishes and drinks with the simple aim of putting smiles on faces.

His fascination with food and travel led him on an unsuspected adventure: the world of cocktails.

The cocktail allows for an incredible rapport between individuals. Contrary to food, cocktails are not a necessity. They're an excuse to socialize and to spend time with loved ones.

When Patrice got behind the bar, he was surprised to see that the ingredients didn’t match the quality and standard of what was done in the kitchen. He found odd fluorescent containers of bar mix, pasteurized juices and syrups made with fructose and artificial flavors. This was not how he wanted to convey his stories and enjoyment. Quickly tired of these mass-produced, soulless ingredients, he wanted to craft simple, natural and genuine replacements.

After several years of passing on his passion and making his own homemade syrups to fill the gap, he made it his mission to make mixology accessible to everyone. In 2015, Patrice founded Monsieur Cocktail with the aim of creating the world's best cocktail syrup. A syrup made with real juice and natural sugar. A syrup with no artificial flavours or preservatives. A syrup that makes a great cocktail every time, and that is available everywhere. A syrup to make it simple. To add pleasure to your drinks, whether it’s sparkling water, iced tea, coffee, lemonade or something a little more complex.

Today, you’ll find Monsieur Cocktail syrups and products everywhere: at neighbourhood BBQs, at parties, at romantic evenings with a special someones and at family camping trips.


About Patrice

Regular guest on Salut Bonjour! and Rouge FM, Patrice also writes a weekly column every Saturday in Le Soleil.