Classic Gin & Tonic with Grapefruit Syrup

Recette de cocktail - Monsieur Cocktail - Patrice Plante -  Gin & tonic
Ingredients :

1 ½ oz (45ml) gin

¼ oz (8 ml) grapefruit syrup

4 oz (120 ml) tonic

Lime slice (to garnish)

Preparation :

Pour the gin and syrup into a tall glass.

Fill with ice cream and stir until your fingers get very cold.

Top up with sparkling water and tonic.

Decorate with a slice of lime.

About our Classic Gin & Tonic with Grapefruit Syrup

A medicinal cocktail: this is the origin of Gin Tonic! Or when drinking saves your life… At the time of the British colonies in India, the soldiers diluted quinine (which was used to prevent malaria) in water and sugar to lessen its bitterness. From there to adding gin, there was only one step… then to creating the emblematic Gin Tonic by chance! The art here is to mix your tonic syrup well with the gin that will have the right tablet disgust!