Manhattan with NOA Red Vermouth

Recette de cocktail - Monsieur Cocktail - Patrice Plante -  Manhattan
Ingredients :

2 oz (60 ml) whiskey

1 oz (30 ml) red vermouth

2 dashes of Angostura bitters

2 dashes of orange bitters

Orange zest and maraschino cherry (for garnish)

Preparation :

Put all the ingredients in a mixing glass.

Fill with ice cream and stir until your fingers get very cold.

Strain through a strainer into a chilled martini glass or coupe.

Garnish with an orange zest and a maraschino cherry.

About our Manhattan with NOA Red Vermouth

Big brother of the Martini, the Manhattan has long been the king of cocktails before being gradually replaced by its "brother". Born of course in New York, around the 1860s, it has a nebulous origin: some even attribute its creation to the bartender of the Manhattan Club during a party organized by… Winston Churchill's mother! Today, the Manhattan and its powerful aromas are making a strong comeback in the hearts of cocktail connoisseurs.