Italian Margarita with NOA Italian Aperitif

Margarita italienne avec apéritif italien NOA
Ingredients :

1 1/2 oz (45 ml) 100% agave white tequila

3/4 oz (12 ml) non-alcoholic Italian Aperitif

3/4 oz (12 ml) fresh lime juice

Rim of salt, paprika and sugar (to frost the glass)

Preparation :

Moisten the edge of a cup with lime juice and sprinkle with the salt, paprika and sugar mixture.

In a shaker, mix all the ingredients with ice.

Filter through a fine sieve into the coupette.

About our Italian Margarita with NOA Italian Aperitif

A hint of bitterness to this classic feels dangerously good while weakening its alcohol content. In addition, salt helps with hydration, it is known. Margarita in a flask anyone?