Nut-Fashioned (clarified) with Hazelnut Syrup

Recette de cocktail - Monsieur Cocktail - Patrice Plante -  Nut-Fashioned
Ingredients :

2 oz (60 ml) whiskey

¼ oz (8 ml) hazelnut syrup

2 dashes of chocolate bitters

1 oz (30 ml) 3.25% milk

Orange zest (for garnish)

Preparation :

In a tall glass, add all the ingredients (except the milk).

In another tall glass, add the milk.

Pour the cocktail into the glass containing the milk to start the curdling process. Stir lightly with a spoon.

Place a coffee filter on a funnel and place the funnel over a mixing glass.

Pour the cocktail + milk over the coffee filter to clarify the cocktail. Leave to stand until the entire cocktail is filtered and clarified (this may take about twenty minutes).

Fill the mixing glass containing the clarified cocktail with ice.

Mix with a spoon until your fingers become very cold.

Strain through a colander into a glass fitted with a large cube of ice.

Garnish with an orange zest.

About our Nut-Fashioned (clarified) with Hazelnut Syrup

A CLARIFIED Hazelnut Old Fashioned? "Are you nuts?" You don't have to clarify the cocktail if you want to enjoy it more quickly, but I'll pass you a filter a coffee that adds oh so much to the experience.