Classic Apple Smash

Recette de cocktail - Monsieur Cocktail - Patrice Plante -  Smash aux pommes
Ingredients :

1 ½ oz (45 ml) cognac or apple brandy

¼ oz (8 ml) maple syrup

½ oz (15 ml) fresh lemon juice

3 slices of ginger

6 cubed apples

2 oz (60 ml) sparkling cider

Apple zest (for garnish)

Preparation :

In a shaker, mash the apples and ginger.

Add the rest of the ingredients (except the sparkling cider).

Fill with ice cream and stir until your fingers get very cold.

Strain through a fine sieve into a short glass filled with ice.

Garnish with an apple zest.

About our Classic Apple Smash

Nothing but cinnamon can beat the pairing of apple and ginger. A Smash is a smaller, easier to drink version of a Julep. Dare to pair it with your favorite poutine, as a digestive to melt the fat and prepare you for the freshly baked apple crisp!