Vegan Whiskey Sour

Recette de cocktail - Monsieur Cocktail - Patrice Plante -  Whisky Sour végane
Ingredients :

2 oz (60 ml) whiskey

¾ oz (23 ml) simple syrup

1 oz (30 ml) fresh lemon juice

Vegan emulsifier

A few drops of Angostura bitters

Preparation :

Put all the ingredients in a shaker, ending with the egg white and mix vigorously to emulsify the egg white.

Add ice to the shaker and mix again.

Strain through a fine sieve into a chilled glass.

Garnish with a few drops of Angostura bitters.

About our Vegan Whiskey Sour

To learn to master and understand the importance of the balance between sugar and acid in a cocktail, the sour family is by far the most important. So get practicing, youngster!