Green Policy

Updated: July 12, 2020

At Monsieur Cocktail, our approach and our concern for our environmental footprint are not dictated by any "fashion" but by very deep values. We are far from perfect and are aware that we cannot implement everything overnight. But we have a plan.

Our company is young, but our green policy is very real and we are using our growth to devote our growing resources to improving our practices. It's not just about removing plastic straws or recycling here and there without checking. It is a matter of moving towards the systematic elimination, in our business model, of everything that belongs to a bygone world, one in which companies set aside their responsibility and their impact on the world. And we are serious here. Because the future of our children and of the Earth is no joke.

Here are the main lines of our green policy, as well as our commitments for the years to come:

  • Reduce food waste by recovering unloved fruits and vegetables, and transforming their juice, peel and pulp into new products;
  • Use only recyclable materials (glass, cans, cardboard) in all of our offer and our packaging and systematically prohibit any plastic container that is not recyclable or that carries the risk of not being recycled;
  • Reduce our GHG emissions in our transport, by promoting teleworking and favoring local producers, suppliers and partners located in the greater Quebec City region (all our business partners are located within a 10 km radius of our head office), or across the province;
  • Use recycled materials throughout our product chain, first for the packaging of our cocktail boxes, then gradually in our other materials.


Creation of a new box matrix made from 100% recycled materials and integration of paper made from recycled materials for our promotional material.

Combat our GHG emissions by promoting teleworking and considerably reducing our transport by carrying out 90% of all our meetings via teleconference.

Writing of a broader policy when selecting suppliers with whom Monsieur Cocktail does business, with the aim of reducing our footprint and promoting collaboration with companies that share our values.

We realize that it is unrealistic for a young company to accomplish everything in its infancy. However, we find it essential that all young companies adopt concrete and public green commitments in order to advance the cause tangibly, and to be as transparent as possible when it comes time to make the right decisions.