Non-alcoholic Garden Sour

Jardin Sour sans alcool
Ingredients :

2 oz (60 ml) non-alcoholic Garden Gin

1 oz (30 ml) lemon syrup

1 egg white

2 slices of cucumber

Fresh basil and cucumber (to garnish)

Preparation :

Pound the cucumber in the syrup.

Put all the ingredients in a shaker, ending with the egg white and mix vigorously to emulsify the egg white.

Add ice to the shaker and mix again.

Strain through a fine sieve into a chilled glass.

Garnish with a fresh basil leaf.

About our Non-alcoholic Garden Sour

A creamy Sour and above all dressed in the fragrances of a walk in a garden on a summer night: basil, rosemary, mint, cucumber, sweet pepper with a lemony finish.